May 17, 2024

Inaugural Senior Recognition Luncheon Honoring Hellenic College’s Class of 2024 Academic Achievements

On Wednesday May 15, 2024 at 12 pm at the Maliotis Cultural Center’s East Wing, Hellenic College held the first annual senior recognition luncheon honoring the academic achievements of the class of 2024. The event was co-sponsored by the office of the Dean and by the Mentoring & Advising Committee of Hellenic College. According to the opening remarks of Dr. Timothy Patitsas, the Interim Dean of Hellenic, “There were three main goals for today’s luncheon: to appreciate our seniors; to celebrate the art of scholarship done well as a good in its own right; and, because we want you, the graduates yourselves, to take the time to think of each other with admiration.” After lunch, the chair of the Committee, Dr. Erika Prijatelj introduced each student and then each student spoke for a few minutes on his topic of research spanning from Fr. Seraphim Rose, geographical political motivations for iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire, sacred unity and profane multiplicity within the Divine Liturgy, the successes of the failed Second Crusade, and the Greek Letter Ypsilon throughout time and in context of various dialects, misspellings and languages. Each student summarized his academic research,  and some students commented that the depth and breadth of the explanations would impact their future actions. Many members of  the HCHC Community of the institution were present including students, staff, alumni, Hellenic College faculty, the Dean, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President, and all in attendance recognized the excellence of the research presentations.